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What is a Permit Expeditor?

If you have ever been involved in the permitting process, you know that it is not always as simple as you may have thought off hand. Different building departments have their own rules and regulations, and the permitting process can vary greatly from one city to the next. Working within these ever changing guidelines can become frustrating due to paperwork errors, an incorrect signature or even a slightly cut off notary stamp on the permit application, scheduling conflicts, and other unforeseen circumstances.

So What is a Permit Expeditor, and how can they help me organize my business?

A Permit expeditor is a professional that secures a building permit for many different purposes and professionals including : Homeowners, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Developers, Property Managers, Lawyers, Interior Designers, Investors, and Real Estate Agents.

A Permit Expeditor coordinates the approval process by reviewing legal documents for their accuracy, submitting permit documents to the building department in the correct manner, diligently following up on permit status with the building department, notifying you of any corrections that need to be made and coordinating the submission of corrections, Clarifying the comments that need to be addressed with the Contractor/Engineer/Architect, and making sure the permit gets to the work site upon issuance from the building department.

In short, a Permit Expeditor is someone that takes care of: permit signatures, transport, submission to the municipality, reviews permit application documents for accuracy, and communicates with building departments on your behalf to obtain your permits in a correct and timely manner.

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